About Us

My Electronic Gadgets wants to help you get more techno joy for your money! Our website is designed to show you to the most competitively priced electronics on the web. Whether you need a new charger, some batteries, an alarm clock or a widescreen television, we can help. We even carry unique electronics, like keychain games, LED headlamps, sensor and generator kits and digital picture frames. We can show you to quality electronics for yourself or items that make great gifts for the technology lovers in your life!

Convenience is a big part of what we do. Rather than create yet another competitor for you to browse, we decided to make it easier for you to shop existing retailers. Our website contains products that are currently available through numerous online gadget sellers. Rather than visit each website individually, you can stop by My Electronic Gadgets and buy from many websites all at once! Our site is your virtual technology shopping mall.

Each product found on My Electronic Gadgets is listed with only the essential information so you never feel overloaded. We give you the price, a small image and a brief descriptive title so you can decide if you are interested without wasting any time. If you find a gadget you must have, simply click on the listing and My Electronic Gadgets will drop you off right on the product page at the retailer’s website. You never have to search multiple times for an item once you locate it on our site.

After arriving on the product page, you can submit an order, ask questions or learn more about the item. Return to us anytime because our virtual electronics store never closes! We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week so you can shop whenever you need to. Check out My Electronic Gadgets to discover the technology you have been missing!