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body { font-family: Verdana Geneva sans-serif; font-size:11px } td { font-family: Verdana Geneva sans-serif; font-size:11px } Upgrade your Audio With the A2+ speaker system Audioengine have managed to duplicate the signature sound of their flagship A5+s in a much smaller package perfectly suited for your desktop or a smaller space in your home or office. The Audioengine 2+ is a great introduction to high-quality audio and the perfect upgrade for your computer or iPod. Brotherly Love The Audioengine 2 (A2+) is about one-third the size of the top of the range Audioengine 5+ system and is an excellent computer audio upgrade or small room speaker. Audioengine have used the same custom tweeters as the A5+ matched them with newly designed compact Kevlar woofers and then added high-performance amplifiers with gold-plated speaker connectors. All this great engineering is wrapped in wood cabinets with a hand-polished finish to create a premium quality desktop multimedia speaker system that puts those plastic computer speakers to shame! Smaller Speakers Still Big Bass To say that the bass on Audioengine 2+ is substantial for their size may be an understatement but you should be the judge. The bass comes from some very clever acoustic and electrical design and without using any DSP or fake bass boost circuits. Wood remains a preferred speaker enclosure material for its stiffness at higher volume levels and the sealed cabinet focuses just the right amount of low end from the tuned front port slots. Versatile and Efficient The A2+ was designed for your desktop but is also perfect for smaller rooms. Well-suited for all types of music movies and videogames the A2+ sounds great with or without a subwoofer. Using a similar design as the A5+ the A2+ power amplifiers are built inside the left speaker providing a very efficient system. An auto-sleep standby circuit has also been included to conserve power. Easy Connections Audioengine have included 1/8 mini jack and RCA inputs so connecting A2+ is easy. No software installs plug-ins or sound card upgrades. Just connect the audio output (or headphone jack) from your computer iPod Airport Express Sonos system PSP – or any other audio device – into the A2 rear panel input. All cables that you may need are included. Plus what? Audioengine have updated the A2+ from the standard Audioengine A2 speakers by adding a built in DAC allowing you to connect your PC or MAC to the speaker via a USB cable to a high end DAC that will generally be a big improvement on your computers soundcard. There is no software or plug-ins to install its an easy plug and play design. Additionally the following features have been added: Variable audio output (connect a subwoofer or wirelessly send audio to other speakers with the optional W3 wireless adapter) Upgraded speaker connectors Standard 1/4 threaded inserts for wall mounts Upgraded power supply Upgraded accessory cables Minding the Gap The Audioengine 2+ sets a new level of audio and aesthetic quality for Powered Multimedia Speakers and further closes the gap between computer speakers and home audio. Even if youre not an audio enthusiast you will still hear a marked difference! Features: 3 audio inputs (USB RCA and mini-jack) Built-in power amps (left speaker) Kevlar woofers for super low end Silk tweeters for smooth highs High-quality speaker connectors Auto-sleep power-saving mode Hand-built cabinets with high-gloss finish Video-shielded All cables included Audioengine 2 Speaker System is compatible with; iPod and all other music players Internet radio and network music systems Apple Universal Dock and other docks/remotes Desktop computers laptops notebooks Flat panel TVs Mobile phones and PDAs with music players CD and DVD players Videogame consoles Digital radio and satellite receivers All products with 1/8 mini-jack or RCA outputs

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