Devolo Magic 2 WiFi Starter Kit (2x LAN, Pass-Thru, 2x plugs)


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**devolo Magic 2 WiFi – high-speed WiFi anywhere with stable Mesh WiFi** Live in tomorrow’s world today – devolo’s proven mesh technology does the trick. devolo Magic 2 WiFi brings fast internet to your house with ease. The innovative WiFi adapter provides you with seamless multimedia fun: High-speed surfing from a hammock in the garden? Stream the latest music clips or blockbusters on a screen at your pool party – even in 8K? Nights of LAN parties with friends on the terrace? devolo Magic 2 WiFi easily brings multi-media to your life. The world’s fastest Powerline adapter brings you the internet wherever you need it at the excellent speed of 2400 Mbps, giving you a range of up to 500 m and two Gigabit LAN connections. All you have to do is plug the devolo Magic adapter into the power socket. Intelligent Plug & Play does the rest and ensures that you can start surfing right away. Thanks to the user-friendly Home Network App, you always have an eye on all connected adapters and can configure them entirely according to your needs. You can as well improve your digital lifestyle with practical features such as guest WiFi and parental control. Especially clever: Airtime Fairness ensures that the fastest devices in your home network have ‘right of way’ and that you can enjoy streaming without lags or crashes, even when large amounts of data are being sent to the cloud in the next room. devolo Magic 2 WiFi also brings real Mesh WiFi home to you: devolo’s latest innovation ensures that your mobile terminal device always has the best possible WiFi reception. All access points communicate with each other and select the fastest connection to the location in question. Surf in the living room, the kitchen, the attic – you go wherever you want, and the network goes with you. Super fast, super stable, and super secure with 128-bit AES and WPA2 encryption. As one of the first adapters on the market Magic is also WPA3 compatible. This is Internet technology under the sign

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