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**EE Flex Plan Sim Card – Complete Freedom, No Contract, No Remembering to Top Up** A phone plan on your terms – gives you complete freedom: no contract, no remembering to top up, no losing your unused data and allowances. You can change your plan at any time. **How’s it different?** A flex plan gives you the best of both worlds. Like Pay monthly, you set up one regular payment with a debit or credit card, so you never have to worry about topping up. But, like Pay As You Go, there’s no contract. Data rollover if you don’t manage to get through all of your data, we’ll add what’s left over into your next month’s allowance so you get a second chance to use it. Free data boost the longer you stay, the more you get: every three months we’ll boost your monthly data allowance by an extra 500MB – and you get that extra data every month from then on for free! So your allowance keeps growing and growing. – With a Flex plan, like pay monthly, you set up one monthly payment so you never have to worry about topping up. – Plans start from just £10 per month. Please note this Sim is not preloaded and you will need to choose and purchase a plan once activated. – You set up one monthly card payment, and you never have to worry about topping up again – With no contract, you can change your plan whenever it suits you. You’ll get a Free Data Boost of 500MB every three months and any unused data rolls over to the next month – Pop your EE Flex plan SIM in your phone and create your My EE account – Choose the plan that gives you the right amount of data, and texts – Use your credit or debit card to set up payment for your plan every month, so you never have to worry about topping up – If you run out of anything simply buy an add-on to get extra data or minutes You can change, pause or stop your plan any time you like

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