Panasonic SC-HTB200EBK Compact Soundbar


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With a simple and compact design, the HTB200 sits comfortably between the TV stands, fitting nicely under the TV frame. When connected with HDMI CEC, it allows a single remote controller to operate both the TV and the HTB200. Furthermore, the Bluetooth feature lets you transfer music from a diversity of devices such as a smartphone and tablet, so you can enjoy not only high-quality TV sound but also various music with dynamic sound. 80W Output Power – For exceptional sound quality despite its compact size. High quality, dynamic sound despite its compact size – Featuring two full-range speakers built-in, combined with accumulated sound technologies from Panasonic, the listener is surrounded by clear acoustics, stereophonic effects, and incredible sound power. Advanced technologies for excellent sound quality – The H.BASS function reinforces the low-frequency range to deliver incredible bass sound that is almost unimaginable for such a compact size. Whilst, Sound Mode lets you choose the sound that best suits the picture. Stylish, compact design ideal to fit with Panasonic TVs – The HTB200 sits comfortably between the TV stands and nicely underneath the TV frame – the perfect complement to your existing television. One remote control for TV and Sound Bar – For ease of use and greater convenience when controlling your devices. Bluetooth functionality – Enjoy music from your smartphone or tablet in high quality sound on your home theatre system.

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