Seagate 500GB Expansion SSD

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Small, fast, and on-the-go ready, Expansion SSD delivers sleek, external solid-state backup for laptops. Ultralight, it slips into any bag practically unnoticed. And beyond simple, it transfers files in a flash – just drag, drop, done. About the size of a credit card, Expansion SSD is small enough to tuck away in a wallet, shirt pocket, or bag. And when it’s time to transfer or back up files, its sleek, minimalist style makes the process less mundane and a little more personalised. Transfer photos faster and stream videos directly from drive to laptop with SSD-boosted speeds of up to 400MB/s. Whether travelling, at the office, or just scrolling through old memories, enjoy plenty of on-the-go durability and space for must-have content. Expansion SSD is ready out of the box, works with both Windows and Mac, and transfers files with simple drag-and-drop functionality. (Purchase adapter separately for use with USB-C computers. Reformatting may be required for use with Time Machine).

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