Sony HT-S40R 5.1ch Home Cinema System


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The HT-S40R brings powerful 600w surround sound with Dolby Digital in a 5.1ch format that delivers a fantastic audio experience in your living room. An impressive combination of soundbar, subwoofer and wireless rear speakers enables room filling sound that puts you at the heart of the action. With a wall mountable wireless amplifier to power the rear speakers there are no wires between the soundbar at the front of your room and the rear speakers at the back of your room getting in your way. The subwoofer and soundbar also share a single power connection, so you can watch or listen to your favourite content on the HT-S40R enjoying superb cinema sound without the additional clutter or complexity. The HT-S40R brings versatile connectivity options so you can enjoy your content with ease. An HDMI(TM) out connection is included or for even fewer wires in your living room you can send audio to the HT-S40R wirelessly with a Bluetooth supporting Sony BRAVIA TV. Also it’s not just movies that sound amazing, the HT-S40R is made for music too. Use Bluetooth to wirelessly stream music from your smartphone or use the USB port to plug and play music from a USB memory stick. A slim, compact soundbar with an unobtrusive subwoofer and wireless rear speakers. The HT-S40R is desiged to fit perfectly with Bravia TVs and complement your living room. A button for every sound – choose the mode that’s right for whatever you’re watching or listening to, including Auto, Standard, Cinema and Music. You can also select Night and Voice modes and use subwoofer control to fine tune your viewing experience.

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