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Get swept up in the excitement of the latest blockbusters, and more immersed in your favourite bingeworthy series. Want rich surround sound, but still with impeccably clear dialogue? The Sony HT SD40 sound bar is for you. X Balanced Speakers, S Force PRO Front Surround tech, and a powerful wireless subwoofer bring the thrill of the cinema to your living room. Watching your favourite movies and TV becomes more engaging, with deeper bass, brilliantly clear speech, and you can give your music collection a powerful boost too by streaming your top tunes from your Bluetooth device. With 330W of power, the HT SD40 delivers 2.1 channel sound for a cinematic audio experience. From explosive action to gentle dialogue, it adds depth, detail and dimension to your movie watching. This Sony technology reproduces a virtual surround acoustic field for powerful sound of stirring depth and clarity. The result is a cinematic soundscape of rich, high fidelity audio that puts you at the centre of the action. And all from just two front facing speakers. The subwoofer’s large 16cm speaker takes care of the low frequencies for rumbling bass that you can feel, adding depth, energy and realism to what you’re watching, whether it’s high octane action or an orchestral symphony. And because it connects to the sound bar wirelessly you have greater freedom for where to place it in the room, for maximum impact.

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