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4K UHD HDR: Awarded the 4K HDR Ultra HD logo, all our 4K HDR TVs have been proven to deliver and faithfully display 4K HDR content in all its glory. DOLBY VISION HDR: Immerse yourself in the on-screen action with one of our Toshiba Dolby Vision compatible TVs. The preferred HDR video format of movie makers around the world, Dolby Vision uses dynamic metadata to read and calculate exactly the right brightness level for every TV frame. DOLBY ATMOS: A TV with down firing stereo speakers using Dolby Atmos audio processing will provide breath-taking sound that has impressive clarity, richness, detail, and depth. A consumer can experience Dolby Atmos in the cinema and get that same Dolby Atmos experience in the home like no other sound solution. HDR10 & HLG (HYBRID LOG GAMMA): Bringing you more ways to access HDR content, our TVs not only support the standard HDR video format, HDR10, but also Hybrid Log Gamma or ‘HLG’. This compatibility with HLG future-proofs our models, so that one day you will be able to watch HDR over the air broadcasts. TRU MICRO DIMMING: TRU Micro Dimming improves contrast, focussing on all the different regions of the image. TRU RESOLUTION: TRU Resolution upscales a wide variety of non-4K content, delivering a more refined image that feels fully immersive. APPS: From the latest movies and trending music to your favourite boxsets, we have got it all. The top streaming apps including Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Amazon Music and Freeview Play built in as standard up to date and ready to go. VOICE ASSISTANT: Controlling your TV with your voice has never been easier. Simply connect to either an Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or Google Home Mini device – the choice is yours.

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