TP Link Archer AX90 Wireless Router – 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax – Desktop


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**Upgrade Your WiFi to 6** **Ideal for Your Latest Phones and Laptops** The new generation of phones-such as iPhone 11, Galaxy Note 10, and Galaxy S10-and laptops already support WiFi 6, with many more on the way. Your router should, too. WiFi 6 holds great promise to future-proof your home network for the next several years. Now is the best time to embrace this new technology. **Powerful and Exquisite** Combining Tri-band WiFi with high-tech WiFi 6, Archer AX90 provides eight simultaneous data streams to open up more bandwidth and help your devices operate at full speed. Eight high gain antennas not only deliver boosted WiFi signals to every corner of your home, but also bring a sense of aesthetics. **Go Faster- Wired or Wireless** In addition to stunning wireless speeds of more than 6.6 Gbps, AX90 also provides premium wired connections. A 2.5 Gbps port and 1 Gbps port make full use of gigabit speeds from your local ISP. Break through the 1G bottleneck and drive your devices to peak performance. WAN/LAN support gives you remarkable flexibility to tailor both ports to fit your network’s needs. **Your Security is Our Priority** Let the Experts Secure Your Home Customize your home network with enhanced security using TP-Link HomeShield’s kit of built-in features. Whether you’re identifying network security holes, limiting the time your children spend online, or blocking websites, HomeShield gives you the tools you need to fully manage your network. **WPA3-Stronger Security for Your Network** Building on the widespread adoption of WPA2, the latest WPA3 brings new capabilities to improve cybersecurity. **TP-Link OneMeshâ„¢ :** **Flexibly Create Whole Home WiFi with Archer AX90** OneMeshâ„¢ is a simple way to form a Mesh network with a single WiFi name for seamless wholehome coverage. Just connect a OneMeshâ„¢ range extender to a OneMeshâ„¢ router. No more searching around for a stable connection.

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